Accuracy, Beyond Bio-Impedance Analysis

Smart BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis) devices that measure body composition do not actually measure body composition, but only measure impedance of the torso, arms, and legs to estimate the amount of water in the body by applying electric currents to the body. This is done to predict body composition by formulating it based on the measured moisture content.

The accuracy of the BIA prediction model is gradually improving, but it cannot overcome the technological limitations that measures only the moisture content. Since the amount of water in the body composition is taken as muscle mass, people with a lot of water in their adipose tissue may be mistaken for having a lot of muscle mass. Thus, there is a big change in their composition according to their hydration status such as diet, water intake, and urination. In addition, accessories are conductive; they affect current measurements and prevent accurate measurements.

BIO to NIR diagram

Since our NIR technology directly measures total hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation in capillaries and water, and lipid in the tissues of interest, it overcomes the limitations of BIA technology and analyzes body composition more accurately by minimizing other interferences. Consistent quantitative measurement is the most optimal technique for standardizing health indicators.

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User Manual

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