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Listen to the experts

"I’m all about democratizing fitness data, and the FITTO just absolutely changed the game for your ability to obtain data that was previously inaccessible."

Patrick Lyons

Fitness Coach

"My favorite part of FITTO is that you can actually track micro-gains from week to week. No more expensive body scanners!"

Troy Adashun

Celebrity Trainer & Fitness Entrepreneur

"By taking the guesswork out of your workouts, you can pinpoint where improvements need to be made and make necessary adjustments in order to reach your goals at a quicker rate."

Kait Malthaner

Health Coach

"Meet the Bello 2 - the most convenient and accurate way to test body fat at home!"

Laura Micetich

Expert personal trainer & nutritionist

"If your mornings are chaotic like mine and you are on your journey to improve your body composition, Bello 2 is a game-changer."

Sunny Lee

Fitness Trainer

Bello 2 uses NIR scan technology to give you an accurate body fat reading.

Ashley Wilke

Vegan Coach

The new bello 2 is even cooler. Bello 2 helps classify you so, you can tailor your own diet.

Thomas DeLauer

Celebrity Trainer & Health Author

After using Bello, I started incorporating more healthy meals into my diet, and even though I don’t really like to work out, seeing the precise results that Bello gave me encouraged me to go exercise!

Michelle Park

Personal Wellness Coach

Bello has helped me both track and stay accountable throughout of journey of getting my abs back in life after sport.

Chris Kinney

US Olympic Bobsled Team

Bello has made such an impact on my fitness journey! This belly fat scanning device is unlike any of its kinds because it uniquely uses infrared technology to accurately and precisely measure your visceral fat content whereas other similar devices only estimate these levels.

Laurel Goldman

Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Influencer

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The science behind Bello & Fitto

Near-infrared technology behind Bello & Fitto measures lipid, water, oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin. Our device can directly quantify body components underneath the skin and provide the most accurate measurement, anytime, anywhere.

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User Manual

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