Ask the Expert: Anthony Ross

We asked Anthony Ross, first place winner of our last 30-Day Challenge, what he thinks about FITTO:


"A lot of people don't really understand what to do with their nutrition. The FITTO app gives you macronutrient goals. Ok, that's awesome. If you don't understand what those goals should be, it gives you recommendations for how much calories you should eat, how much carbs, how much proteins, how much fat."


"FITTO helped me lock in my nutrition a little better, which is something I don't think I could have done on my own. I was able to notice that I had my carbohydrate intake a little too low and my protein intake a little too high. A lot of people don't really think about that, but when you're at a calorie deficit, sometimes these little changes will really affect what happens to your body."


"As a fitness instructor, I have access to an InBody570, which is like a $10,000 scale, and I get a printout of how much muscle mass I have, etc. What I've noticed is that FITTO scans are very, very close to what InBody offers. If you're a data-driven person, this will help."


"Overall, I've been really impressed with FITTO. It's helped me get to my goal, maintain my lean mass and drop my body fat. It's helped me make crucial adjustments to my nutrition. As a personal trainer, I would 100% recommend that you use this device."


Thank you, Anthony! Not to brag, but we're also super impressed with what FITTO can do!

FITTO’s designed to help any level of fitness user hone and improve their fitness and diet routine.

See what data-driven training can do for you. Get fit with FITTO.

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