Ask the Expert: Asa Lopatin, Professional Trail Runner

We asked Asa Lopatin, second-place winner of our last 30-Day Challenge, what he thought about FITTO:


"The FITTO system seems like it was designed just for me."

"I let myself follow FITTO's advice and diversified my exercise routine, track my intake, and even allowed myself the occasional rest day."

"What I felt was an overall increase in strength, energy, and freshness. What I saw on the FITTO app was objective data that backed up those feelings."

"What I learned is that a diverse and balanced training regimen lets my muscles recover, even during exercise."


Thank you, Asa, for supporting FITTO! Wishing you the best on the trail!


FITTO’s designed to help any level of fitness user hone and improve their fitness and diet routine.

See what data-driven training can do for you. Get fit with FITTO.

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User Manual

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